Chương trình học tiếng anh Tháng 10/2020 Lớp Dragon
WEEK New Lesson Language To Use  Activities Project  Song/Rhythm
1 Vocabs
Father, mother, sister, brother, I, Grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin
1) Who is she / he? She is my mom. / He is my dad.
2) What is your dad’s / your mom’s name? He / She is ……….
3) How old is your dad / mom? He / she is …..
4) How many people are there in your family? There are ……….
5) Do you have brother / sister? Yes / No
6) Can you find “ dad / mom / grandpa / …….”

The kids talk about yourself and their family.
Hello, My name is …………. I’m ……. years old. I’m a student. I live in Ho Chi Minh City. I like chicken. My family has ….. people. There are my dad, my mom, 2 brothers and me.  I live in a big/small house. I love my family.
This is some activities and games teachers may use in the class:
- Musical chair: the teacher prepares music and a ball. When the teacher plays the music, the kids will pass the ball around. When it stops, the kid who is holding the ball have to answer the questions
- Flashcards jumping: put the flashcards on the floor and invite 2 or 3 studs to come and play. The teacher will shout the word and students jump on that flashcard
- Flashcards and sticky ball: the teacher spreads the flashcards on the floor and uses the sticky ball to throw at one of them. Then the teacher will ask the stud the question
- Missing flashcards
- Gesture: the stud will receive a flashcard and he or she can only use the body language to express the word
- Coloring: in some lessons, teachers need to prepare some pictures that relates to that day's topic for the stud to color
- Teachers can teach the studs some simple songs
Outdoor Activity
Teacher prepare a animal or character of Halloween for kids. (Paper hat)
Children draw on the sample paper of character.
Then the teacher cut out the character and paste in a round paper tiara.
New lesson: 75 - 80
Identify “Tall - Short, Long – Short”
2 Vocabs:
Long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair,wavy hair, black eyes, black hair, glasses, a beard
1) Who is he / she? He / she is my ………..
2) Does your sister have straight hair? Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.
3) Do you like long hair / short hair ……..? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
4) What does your dad / mom/ uncle …… look like? He / She has short hair, black eyes.
5) Can you find “long hair / short hair / straight hair …...”

The kids talk about yourself and their family.
Hello, My name is …………. I’m ……. years old. I’m a student. I live in Ho Chi Minh city. I like chicken. My family has ….. people. I have a long hair and glasses. My dad is tall. He has short hair, black eyes. My mom is short. She has straight hair and black eyes. I live in a big/small house. I love my family.
Identify "Taller - Shorter, Longer - Shorter"
Review for Colors: pink, blue, green, black, white, orange, purple, yellow
3 Vocabs:
New lesson: Happy Halloween, witch, pumpkin, candy, scared, haunted house, skeleton, mummy
1) Happy Halloween
2) Do you like Halloween?
3) How do you feel? I'm scared
4) Are you scared? Yes, I am/ No, I am not
5) What is it? It's a ghost
6) What color is the pumpkin? It's orange.
7) Which number is it? 1-90
8) Who is devil?
9) How many candies are there? There are 5 candies.
Review for shape: circle, square, triangle, heart, oval, diamond
Identify “angel & devil”
In the test of October, students will have to present, identify and describe kinds of my family & I
Please create your own style of test so that they can be able to perform their ability within their skills.