Chương trình học tiếng anh Tháng 01/2021 Lớp Bunny
WEEK New Lesson Language To Use  Activities Project (outdoor) Song/Rhythm
New lesson: 
tree, branch, leaf, flower, fruit
1) What is it? - It is a tree
2) Is it a flower? Yes, it is. / No, it is not
3) How many flowers are there? There are … flowers./How many leaves are there? There are ... leaves
4) What can you see? I can see flowers, I can see leaves, I can see ... trees
5) Can you count forward/ backward numbers from 10 - 14?
6. What number is it? It is 3.
This is some activities and games teachers may use in the class:
- Musical chair: the teacher prepares music and a ball. When the teacher plays the music, the kids will pass the ball around. When it stops, the kid who is holding the ball have to answer the questions
- Flashcards jumping: put the flashcards on the floor and invite 2 or 3 studs to come and play. The teacher will shout the word and students jump on that flashcard
- Flashcards and sticky ball: the teacher spreads the flashcards on the floor and uses the sticky ball to throw at one of them. Then the teacher will ask the stud the question
- Missing flashcards
- Gesture: the stud will receive a flashcard and he or she can only use the body language to express the word
- Coloring: in some lessons, teachers need to prepare some pictures that relates to that day's topic for the stud to color
- Teachers can teach the studs some simple songs
1) Grow green bean in plastic/ paper cup
2) Grow Portulaca grandiflora by cut branch and put in soil
Song: seed song
Review: 10 - 12

Identify: "animal and plant"
2 Vocabs:
New lesson: 
water, sun,air, soil, land
1) What is it? - It is the sun/It is water
2) Is it the sun? Yes, it is/ No, It is not.
3) Can you show me the sun? - Ask the student to show teacher.
4) What is the color of the sun? It is yellow.
5) What color is water? It is blue
6) What number is it? It is 3.
7) Is flower a plant or an animal? Flower is a plant.
Counting 13 - 14

Review colors: "red, blue, yellow, black, white"
3 Vocabs: 
New lesson: 
chung cake, lucky money, fireworks, Happy New Year, kumquat
1) Happy New year
2) Do you like lucky money?
3) What is the color of firework?
4) Is it chung cake?
5) What number is it? It is 10.
6) Can you show me your lucky money?
To count forward and backward numbers from 10 to 14.

New lesson: 
Review colors: " green, orange, pink, purple"
In the test of January, students will have to present, identify and describe kinds of Plants Growth.
Please create your own style of test so that they can be able to perform their ability within their skills.